Dispute resolution approaches need to be updated. More than ever, people want to address issues and settle their disputes online. SettlementIQ fits into any dispute resolution program, enhancing program outcomes. SettlementIQ’s solutions are fully online and accessible on mobile devices, and can be paired with expert mediator or arbitrator depending upon the program needs.

Opportunities for Online
Dispute Resolution Solutions


More settlements means more to the bottom line.

Debt Recovery

Increased engagement means increased amounts collected.

Business to Business

A good online dispute program preserves business relationships.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Online dispute resolution is a better way to resolve disputes for all parties.

Experienced legal and technology expertise

We have been in the dispute resolution business for more than 30 years. SettlementIQ has access to proven technology, and mediators or arbitrators when needed. We understand that any solution needs to fit into your business process, integrate with your systems, and can’t eliminate the personal touch that an attorney or expert business negotiator brings.

Settle Anywhere, Anytime

SettlementIQ is modernizing the way businesses deal with disputes.

Disputes are unavoidable in business. SettlementIQ integrates into your dispute resolution workflow and facilitates settlement either with or without an online mediator. Analytics generated over time will provide meaningful settlement intelligence that will accelerate the process generating additional settlements.

For example, smoothly integrating into the debt collection process, SettlementIQ provides the person who owes money a dignified and convenient way to engage in the resolution and payment process, which is beneficial for everyone.

Lower Dispute Costs

Using Online Dispute Resolution reduces total dispute resolution costs which means more for the bottom line.


Leveraging technology decreases time to disposition which in turn saves you money.

More Engagement

More than ever people are comfortable using online tools to conduct business.

Access to Mediators, Arbitrators, or your experts

There are times when online engagement doesn’t take the parties to the finish line. SettlementIQ provides access to thousands of mediators nationwide.


Your data is important. SettlementIQ is a SOC 2 compliant solution. Why would you trust a platform that is not compliant?

Proven Results

SettlementIQ is a service of a company that has administered close to 2 million disputes. Settlement IQ simply works.