Complete ONLINE dispute resolution system driving more settlements

Save time. Settle faster. Reduce costs.


Fewer admin costs, lower total system cost


Leveraging technology for more settlements


Settle anywhere, anytime, any device


Draws parties to constructively interact

Traditional dispute resolution approaches can't keep up with today's needs

You want to get paid or get matters resolved as quickly as possible, but achieving settlements requires time and effort, which means added costs for attorneys, mediators, court litigation, arbitration, etc.

Settlement IQ is an easy to use, online dispute resolution system that helps you limit administration costs while maximizing settlements or payments.


Settlement communications are secure and remain within the SettlementIQ environment. Settlement communications and notes remain private until sent.


Our robust analytics allow you to track settlement trends so you can optimize negotiations.


Programmable system rules ensure compliance by your staff.


SettlementIQ allows for customizable workflows to ensure efficient processes followed by all.

How SettlementIQ Works


File a Claim

When a dispute arises, use our online portal or secure data transfer to file a claim and notify the other party.


Response and Engagement

The other party can immediately settle or file a counter-offer. Negotiations continue in the SettlementIQ system until an agreement is reached.



Upon settlement, SettlementIQ will generate all required documents and data needed to finalize the settlement.

Opportunities for Online
Dispute Resolution Solutions


More settlements means more to the bottom line.

Debt Recovery

Increased engagement means increased amounts collected.

Business to Business

A good online dispute program preserves business relationships.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Online dispute resolution is a better way to resolve disputes for all parties.

Online Settlement Methods Available with SettlementIQ

Dispute resolution needs to be modernized. More than ever, people want to address issues and settle their disputes online. SettlementIQ fits into any dispute program and will enhance your outcomes.

SettlementIQ’s platform is fully online and can be paired with an arbitrator, mediator, or expert depending upon the program requirements.

Blind Offers

Using the Blind Offer module, settlement offers are secret and automatically matched by SettlementIQ.


Online open negotiation where the parties communicate directly and work through rounds of negotiations towards an agreed settlement.

Online Mediation

At any point in the SettlementIQ process you can request online assistance from a mediator. Online arbitration is also available.

How to Start using SettlementIQ


Configure and implement your SettlementIQ program


Single case or batch data loaded and parties notified


Negotiate online, including mediation/arbitration if needed


Settlement reached and settlement documents finalized

Settle Anywhere, Anytime

SettlementIQ is modernizing the way businesses deal with disputes.

Disputes are unavoidable in business. SettlementIQ integrates into your dispute resolution workflow and facilitates settlement either with or without an online mediator. Analytics generated over time will provide meaningful settlement intelligence that will accelerate the process generating additional settlements.

For example, smoothly integrating into the debt collection process, SettlementIQ provides the person who owes money a dignified and convenient way to engage in the resolution and payment process, which is beneficial for everyone.

Lower Dispute Costs

Using Online Dispute Resolution reduces total dispute resolution costs which means more for the bottom line.


Leveraging technology decreases time to disposition which in turn saves you money.

More Engagement

More than ever people are comfortable using online tools to conduct business.

Access to Mediators, Arbitrators, or your experts

There are times when online engagement doesn’t take the parties to the finish line. SettlementIQ provides access to thousands of mediators nationwide.


Your data is important. SettlementIQ is a SOC 2 compliant solution. Why would you trust a platform that is not compliant?

Proven Results

SettlementIQ is a service of a company that has administered close to 2 million disputes. Settlement IQ simply works.