Why SettlementIQ™?

Today’s consumers live in a world full of choices. We can pay our bills in person, by mail, by speaking on the telephone, on a smartphone app, or on the web. Why are professionals engaging in negotiations locked into the same set of tools they used 20 years ago?

SettlementIQ is just a tool, a powerful tool, but just a tool. It keeps you engaged with the other party in a negotiation at efficient intervals to move settlement negotiations along. It keeps key information at hand and preserves a record of the negotiation. And it learns over time from your negotiation behavior so that it can make intelligent recommendations at your request.

Key Features

  • Natural offer/counter offer/acceptance workflow implemented in a secure, online environment
  • Dashboard of real-time activity notification increases productivity
  • Transparent processes
  • Flexible search function finds cases you want to settle based upon key parameters
  • Negotiate a single claim or work in logical batches
  • Messaging tools let you communicate to the other side within the system
  • Easy upload of documents
  • Management reports with simple export to Microsoft Excel
  • Intelligent algorithms recommend cases for settlement based on your history
  • Off-ramp to mediation if desired or required
  • Live customer service and help desk support
  • For a more detailed description of the tool go to our Services page