SettlementIQ™ Services

SettlementIQ facilitates your settlement negotiations. It doesn’t replace your professional judgment. SettlementIQ facilitates your proven settlement process more efficiently and securely by organizing your data, communications and results.

Customizing Your Legal Settlement Solution

  • SettlementIQ™ is a flexible solution that is easily customized to match court, business, law firm, or government agency processes and requirements. Business, government program, disaster, personal injury, consumer, and employee disputes are only some of the claims that can quickly begin using SettlementIQ for resolution.

  • SettlementIQ scales from single cases to large-volume caseloads to provide a seamless integration into current workflows. Whether you are handling individual cases or thousands of claims, SettlementIQ can accommodate your systems and processes.

  • Designed by experts in the field, SettlementIQ works the way lawyers and other professionals work — allowing multiple, continuous offers and counter offers, supporting real-time messaging and tracking and retaining a history of every negotiation. Changes made by each party are highlighted for at-a-glance viewing. The dashboard alerts users to new actions and allows users to set and save productive search definitions. Off-ramps to Mediation and Arbitration can be added where desired.

  • SettlementIQ provides the same functionality when used on a desktop or laptop PC as it does on a tablet or smartphone. Mobile-friendly, it automatically senses your device and resizes to match the available screen size.

Find Settlement Opportunities

  • Your SettlementIQ home page displays a dashboard of proposals, offers, counter offers, messages, and other activities, such as pending new messages, at a glance. You will easily identify the urgent action items and can respond on your pc, tablet or phone.

  • Search Screens on SettlementIQ can be quickly adapted to exactly fit your case type. Built-in calendars, specific values, and keyword searches increase the effectiveness of your searches. Favorite Searches can be saved for one-click data pulls.

  • SettlementIQ allows your searches to focus on certain claim types, specific claim size or age ranges, or opposing parties with whom you have a record of successful negotiations.

  • SettlementIQ will quickly become your most useful productivity tool as you receive and respond to settlement offers and send messages and counter offers in real time. This allows you to focus on clients and appearances while keeping current with settlement opportunities.

Settle Your Case

  • Structure the precise settlement for your client or company with exact terms and unlimited potential rounds of offers and counter offers. Offer screens allow easy input of damages, fees, costs, and interest. Use optional expiration dates. Real-time messaging lets you clarify the finer points. SettlementIQ can calculate your terms for you— enter either dollar or percentage values and let the system calculate the corresponding figures and keep a running total—you know exactly where your offer stands at all times.

  • SettlementIQ saves time and money as well as relationships and reputations for companies and attorneys. Productivity increases with 24/7 access and instant communication in context. Relationships benefit from settlements rather than litigation. And reputations are enhanced when settlement is an integrated part of a companies’ legal strategy.

  • SettlementIQ provides a seamless, fluid negotiating experience with offers and counter offers that retain information from prior rounds. There is even a “Last Offer” button that lets you look back one round.

  • Real-time communication means you can instantly message to clarify the terms of your negotiation without having to stop working to attempt to reach the other side by telephone. Your message appears in the full context of the pending negotiation, instead of arriving from out of the blue. You can even settle cases when you’re out of the office — imagine settling a claim from the comfort of home.

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