Find out how SettlementIQ™ can increase your settlements and decrease your litigation costs…

What is Settlement IQ™?

SettlementIQ is a secure, online settlement platform that provides access to relevant complaint and settlement information and supports custom, productive negotiation & resolution workflows.

SettlementIQ assists legal, business, and government professionals increase their settlement & resolution rates and reduce the time and expense associated with pending claims and disputes.

SettlementIQ is Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) built for the way that you work.

How does it work?

SettlementIQ is an efficient method of reaching out to the other side to resolve a claim. SettlementIQ is a secure, online framework that works within your existing process and requirements.

Offers, counter offers, and associated messaging, along with a robust analytics suite enables professionals to engage in efficient and productive negotiations leading to resolution.

Settlement IQ™ Technology

Accessible – It is available on your PC and mobile devices, facilitating negotiations anywhere, anytime.

Secure – Settlement communications remain within the secure SettlementIQ environment. Drafts and notes remain private until sent.

Intelligent – SettlementIQ’s analytical engine can assist you by analyzing your settlement behavior.